Funding for cycle training

Anna Bagi

Hi there,

It seems like Bikeability courses are being booked in the new year In Newham. Not sure if the central funding resumed or Newham itself managed to fund these, but it's good news anyway for the time being.


From: Anna Bagi
Sent: 24 October 2021 08:14
To: <>
Subject: Funding for cycle training slashed
Hi there, 

Not sure if you're aware that the funding for cycle training both for adults and school Bikeability has been slashed and will stop very soon in most London boroughs. 

Ss the government promotes active travel, lots of people have taken up cycling, this is quite a blow to the safety all involved, as well as the introducing to cycling at an early age, that would not happen otherwise.

Not to mention the cycle training professiin, that took decades to build up and is quickly dispersing. 

If you could support the cause: 

write to the Secretary of State for Transport and copy in your local MP, you could also copy in the Leader of your council.

To help you do this:
The Secretary of State for Transport - Grant Shapps email address is shappsg@...
To find your own MP name and contact details, just enter your postcode into the search box on this webpage: